Jumpstart Student Feature: Donald Dodds

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Brazosport_Donald_DoddsStudent goes above and beyond to attend Jumpstart class

Donald Dodds has encountered many difficulties throughout his 37 years of life. He’s spent time in jail and has overcome serious problems with drugs. He’s also had more than his share of tragedies, including untimely deaths of close family members.

He’s the first to admit that he “hasn’t been an angel.” However, he’s also successfully been on a quest to not only turn his life around, but to better it and become a positive influence on those around him. And Brazosport College’s Jumpstart program has played a big role in this.

“All of the stuff I’ve been through has built me into the man I am today,” Donald said. “I’m passionate about people and I want to help guide them in the right direction. I’ve also always wanted to go to college, and the Jumpstart program gave me a chance to do that.”

For Donald, getting through the nine-week Jumpstart electrical program took fierce determination.

Living in Holiday Lakes and being without a car, Donald was forced, at times, to walk more than 20 miles in order to get to school for his 8:30 a.m. Jumpstart class. Eventually, he was able to take advantage of the Southern Brazoria County Transit Service, but he still had to get himself from his home to Angleton before stepping on the bus.

“I would leave my house and begin walking at 6 in the morning because I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by,” Donald said. “People thought I was crazy, but this was my opportunity to better myself, my future and my kids’ future,” he added.

Donald eventually completed the program and now has the training to get an entry-level job in the electrical field.

“Currently, I’m working in scaffolding, but I have the criteria needed to get into the electrical field,” he said. “The door will open when the time is right.”

For Donald, everything goes back to his faith in God. His faith has pulled him through an abundance of difficult moments and provided him the strength to remain positive. At the same time, he’s also proved his amount of dedication and determination with his experience in the Jumpstart program.

“Jumpstart taught me so much,” Donald said. “Through this experience, I figured out so many things about myself — about how dedicated I could be. Who would walk from Holiday Lakes for an education? I did.”

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