Student Success Story – Lindsey Wittig

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Brazosport_LindseyBC student envisions bright future as a welder

Lindsey Wittig wanted a career in which she could work with her hands. As a result, she picked two professions that, on the surface, appeared to be polar opposites.

Currently, Lindsey works as a cosmetologist. She’s attended beauty school and is a highly-qualified hair-stylist. At the same time, she can be found during the day at Brazosport College training for a career in the welding industry.

Although these two professions appear to have nothing in common, they actually have one big similarity.


Lindsey Wittig

“My dad gave me the idea,” Lindsey said. “He said I was good and skilled with my hands and even suggested welding to me. At the time, I went with cosmetology, but later on, I decided to give welding a try.”

Lindsey, 25, is currently in a Brazosport College welding class and is receiving the training needed to join the local workforce as a welder. She’s been in BC’s welding program for more than a year and doesn’t envision stopping anytime soon.

“I really enjoy this,” Lindsey said of welding. “I’ve taken a big liking to it and I’m going to pursue it and see how far I can go.

“This gives me a second career option,” she added. “It’s also a field that has a demand for jobs. I’m more of an outdoorsy, hands-on person, so I’m hoping to be able to make welding my career.”

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