Student Success Story – Leslie Slaughter

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Brazosport_LeslieElectrical student passionate about new career

When it comes to employment, Leslie Slaughter has done a little of everything. Whether it was working in convenience and grocery stores or having warehouse and packaging jobs, she’s always worked hard to pay bills and put food on the table.

Now, at the age of 41, Leslie is still working hard. The difference, however, is that today she has a career she loves — as an electrician.

Leslie Slaughter

Leslie Slaughter

“It’s intriguing to me,” she said of the electrical field. “There’s so much you can learn. It’s also a skill you can do at your job or at home. There are so many uses for it.”

An Angleton resident, Leslie began working in an electrical position a little more than a year ago and, after discovering she had a passion for it, decided to enroll at Brazosport College in order to improve her skills and enhance her opportunities even more.

She’s currently working toward an Associate Degree in Industrial and Commercial Electricity. Since she works full time during the day, she takes most of her classes at night.

“It was a little crazy when I started because it has been 21 years since I’ve been to school,” Leslie said of her initial fear of entering college. “On top of that, I didn’t like high school. But I enjoy school now. I’m interested in this field and Brazosport College has been helpful from the start. The instructors are great and it’s an awesome program.

“An associate degree will do a lot for me,” she added. “It will open even more doors.”

For Leslie, the decision to go back to college was an easy one. It not only is helping her improve her skills in a profession she enjoys, it’s also allowing her to work toward career advancement in the future.

“This is a really interesting field to be in,” Leslie said. “It’s also my chance to get into school and do something I really enjoy.”

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