Jessica Rollo & Marinell Music: Mother, daughter put construction management degrees to good use

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Jessica Rollo was seeking a career that provided a stable income, but she also wanted to stay close to home. As a result, she took some advice from her mother, Marinell Music, a longtime local industry veteran who works at BASF.

“In this area, the chemical plants are a huge part of our community and it’s where many of the jobs are,” Marinell said.

With this in mind, Jessica enrolled at Brazosport College with the goal of achieving one of the school’s workforce degrees, which are tailor-made for getting a job with local companies after graduation. In her case, she studied toward an Associate in Industrial and Construction Management. Today, with an associate degree from Brazosport College in hand, Jessica is employed by Dow Chemical Co.

For both Jessica and Marinell, who also has a construction management degree from Brazosport College, workforce degrees were perfect career choices.

“I would encourage anybody with an interest, or someone not sure about what they want to do, to come to Brazosport College and take classes in the construction trades department,” Jessica said. “There are so many jobs you can do with this degree. You can make very good money with a two-year degree and Brazosport College provides that opportunity right here
at home.”

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