High demand for skilled workers

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In Brazoria County, there are 18 petrochemical companies that employ more than 14,000 individuals, making it the largest industry in our county. Process technicians are a central part of these petrochemical facilities, as they operate production plants, troubleshoot problems and conduct lab analysis. Technicians also work with instrumentation to monitor flow, level, pressure, temperature and chemical composition.

Employers along the Texas Gulf Coast are asking for trained process technicians to fill vacancies created by employees who retire. Brazosport College offers the required training to prepare you for a career as a process technician.

Brazosport College offers practical, real-world training using pilot plants similar to the type of unit operations found in large area chemical plants. There are also opportunities to work for chemical companies, allowing students to earn income while earning a degree part-time. Many companies will even pay for books and tuition. Brazosport College offers a certificate, a two-year associate degree and a four-year bachelor degree in process operations.


Process Technician

Process technicians are key parts of petrochemical facilities. They operate production plants, troubleshoot problems, conduct lab analysis and ensure the plant is running efficiently and smoothly.

Who is a good fit?

A process technician has an assortment of skills, including the understanding of plant safety, plant equipment, process instrumentation and a variety of unit operations. Process Technicians work as part of a team and are employed in the petroleum and chemical industries.


Many process technicians have college training. Brazosport College offers a certificate, a two-year associate degree and a four-year bachelor degree. Many employers now require an associate degree for entry-level positions. The bachelor degree is a good option for those seeking advancement in the field.

Median pay

$33.93 hourly, $71,000 annual

Job outlook

A total of 4,220 people are currently employed in this region, and 26 percent of these workers are over the age of 55 and expected to retire soon. There are an estimated 146 annual job openings in our area for chemical plant and system operators.


Source: Career Coach

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