Choosing a Career

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For many people, deciding on a career can feel like taking a journey without either a map or a destination. Eventually, with some advice and direction, a little exploration, and maybe a dead end or two, you begin to get a sense of where you’d like to go and how to get there. Whether you’re starting out or picking up a new career in mid-life, Brazosport College offers programs, courses and services to help you find your path and get to your goal.

Good advice and good resources are the best road maps. Brazosport College’s Counseling Services can help you explore your options and get started on a plan of action. Academic advisors will help you choose the right classes to meet your goal.

Brazosport College’s degrees, certificates and workforce training programs are some of the best vehicles around for taking you to your career destinations. In a year or less, a certificate or workforce training course can get you into a job. In two years, an associate degree can move you a little farther along your career path. Brazosport College even offers a Bachelor of Applied Technology degree. If your goal is to transfer to a four-year college, Brazosport College can help you in that direction, as well.

Map out your options by taking a look at the areas of study listed below. Then, visit Brazosport College’s online Career Coach ( to do more in-depth research on local career options. And when you’re ready to plan your career path, visit to find out how to get started. Give Brazosport College a call at (979) 230-3000 for answers to your questions.

Area of Study Degree, Certificate and Courses Prepare you for Median Salary Range
Automotive Technology Basic Certificate
Chassis Specialty
Power Train Specialty
Engine Performance Specialty
Generalist Certificate
Bus and truck mechanic, automotive glass installer and repairer, electronic equipment installer and repairer. A trained technician with the right skills will always be in demand; earn your certification or associates’ degree in automotive technology $30,389
Chemical & Process Technology Laboratory Technician Option
Process Operations Option
Process Technology
Basic Certificate
Process Operations Certificate
Nuclear Power Specialty
with Enhanced Skills Certification
Chemical Technician, Plant and System Operator, Equipment Operator and Tender. Broaden your career opportunities and better your chances for promotion to supervisory positions in the petrochemical field with certification or a degree. $58,157-$89,000
Computer Technology Information System Support Specialist(associates)
Information Systems Support Specialist
Networking Support Specialist
Information Systems Technician, Networking specialist. With a degree or certificate, the job market opens up to a range of exciting opportunities. $57,595-$80,330
Criminal Justice Associates
Criminal Justice
Peace Officer Licensure Certificate
Entry in a variety of criminal justice positions such as court clerk, corrections officer, or security guard. Students already employed in law enforcement acquire the background necessary for professional development directed toward job advancement. $20,363- $55,619
Construction Management Associates
Basic Construction Management Certificate
Advanced Construction Management Certificate
Construction manager, insulation worker, pipe layer, roofer, sheet metal worker. Plan, direct, or coordinate personnel, activities concerned with construction and maintenance of structures, facilities and systems. $44,000 – $96,000
Drafting Technology Associates
Basic Drafting Technology
Advanced Drafting Technology Certificate
Cartographer, architectural, civil, electronic or mechanical drafter. As a cartographer, collect, analyze and interpret geographical information provided by surveys and satellite data. Prepare detailed drawings or diagrams and instructions as a drafter. $46,862- $70,699
Early Childhood Development and Education Associates
Instructional SpecialtyInfant/Toddler SpecialtyDirectors Certificate
Teacher’s aide or teacher assistant; a lead teacher or director of a preschool; a teacher’s aide or teacher in a school district preschool or pre-kindergarten program; owning a home childcare center; or work in a field related to early childhood.Advancement in a career focusing in infant/toddler, preschool or school-age child development in childcare, preschool, school-age and family programs; or advancement into childcare management and administration. $15,891- $52,645
Emergency Medical Services Associates
Advanced Certificate
Earn employment as a fire investigator or firefighter. Take required state and National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians examination for entry-level employment as an emergency medical technician; employment or promotion as a paramedic; or advancement in a paramedic career. $52,000- $84,573
Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Basic Heating,
Air Conditioning
and Refrigeration Technology Certificate
Advanced Technician Certificate – Residential SpecialtyAdvanced Technician Certificate – Commercial Specialty
Heating and air conditioning mechanic and installer. Install and repair commercial or residential refrigerating systems or repair household appliances.  $37,253- $40,643
Industrial andCommercial Electricity Industrial Electrician SpecialtyBasic Electrical Certificate (with Co-Op)Basic Electrical Certificate (without Co-Op)
Advanced Certificate – Industrial Electrician SpecialtyIndustrial Lineman Specialty
Electrician or electronics engineering technician. Layout, build, test, repair and modify developmental and production electronic components. Learn to install and maintain electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures. $30,722- $64,418
Instrumentation Technology Instrumentation and Electrical (I & E) Certificate Instrument technicians are a central part of petrochemical facilities. Work with instruments to monitor flow, level, pressure, temperature and chemical composition. Design, install, repair and troubleshoot the control systems & instrumentation used in processing plants. Work in the manufacturing and sales of control systems for the process industry. $55,000 – $86,000
Laboratory Technology Associates Chemical lab technicians get quality products and services to customers. Analytical Services; Environmental Services; Technical Services and Development; Production; and Research. Is part of a technician’s job. Employment as a medical and clinical lab technologist or technician. $25,000 – $82,000
Law Enforcement Academy Peace Officer Licensure Certificate Earn certification to become a police officer anywhere in the state of Texas.  $55,619
Basic Machinist
Advanced Machinist
Certificate-Manual Machinist Specialty
Basic Millwright Certificate
Advanced Millwright Certificate
Millwright Specialty
Entry-level employment as a machine operator or millwright.  Gain your associates for higher-level employment in machine tool occupations, such as a machine operator, manual machinist, mechanical inspector, or millwright. $41,184- $68,016
Music Certificate in Music Leadership Play one or more musical instruments in recital, in accompaniment, or as members of an orchestra, band, or other musical group. $27,830
Nuclear Power Technology Nuclear Instrumentation Specialty Control, operate, or maintain machinery to generate electric power. Includes auxiliary equipment operators. $69,909
Office Administration Associates
Accounting SpecialtyInformation Processing Specialty
Accounting Specialty CertificateManagement Specialty Certificate
Employment as entry-level administrative support staff. Gain your associates for higher-level employment as administrative assistant, computer applications office assistant, legal secretary, medical billing, or insurance office assistant. $28,371- $53,331
Instrumental and Commercial Pipefitting Associates
Industrial and Commercial Pipefitting – Pipe Design Lead SpecialtyIndustrial and Commercial Pipefitting – General Pipefitting SpecialtyBasic Pipefitting CertificateAdvanced Pipefitting Certificate
General Pipefitting SpecialtyAdvanced Pipefitting Certificate –
Pipe Design Lead Specialty
Employment as a pipefitter. Lay out, assemble, install, or maintain pipe systems, pipe supports, or related hydraulic or pneumatic equipment for steam, hot water, heating, cooling, lubricating, sprinkling, or industrial production or processing systems. $26,853- $50,170
Safety Health and Environmental Management Associates
Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Basic Certificate
Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Advanced Certificate
The field is very diverse with positions as safety technicians in chemical plants, oil and gas, transportation, fire safety, manufacturing, and more. Environmental technicians also are in demand for projects in waste management, real estate inspection and evaluation, site remediation and monitoring. $38,043-$75,920
Welding Associates
Basic Welding
Advanced Welding Certificate
As a welder, use hand-welding or flame-cutting equipment to weld or join metal components or to fill holes, indentations, or seams of fabricated metal products. $37,814
Median salaries are midpoint earnings for all workers in the profession, Starting salaries will be lower and more experienced workers can expect higher levels of pay. All salaries from Career Coach (
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